Thursday, July 26, 2012

13.3 Million

13.3 MILLION men, women & children are trafficked for commercial SEX and LABOR today.
A number to think about. Do you know 1 thousand people? How about two thousand? Do you know 1million people? How about 13.3 million?

This is more than a number- these are lives. If you were trafficked, you would be traded, like an object, purchased for Used for what...labor? SEX? This is happening every day, this is happening right now.

Who stops this?  It is up to different organizations to go in and rescue these precious lives!  VOTE below to help us win $1,000 for a rescue mission through [free-them].  It is your duty to help gain votes! Please share on your blog and Facebook!
Only TOP VOTED wins the $1,000, we are currently #3.  
How much do you value your life and dignity?

 Help free human beings from slavery, molestation, exploitation & RAPE.

VOTE to help us win $1,000 for [free-them] to fund a mission to help RESCUE these victims:

Monday, July 23, 2012

Beyond Human Trafficking!

Not for Sale is a anti-human trafficking organization which has the motto: "re-abolish slavery."   I like this organization because they present the facts in a eye-catching, emotional and motivational manner, with high end marketing and graphics.

"Join the first cause to launch a company ...
Not For Sale is launching REBBL, a bottled tea tonic sourced in high-trafficked and vulnerable communities around the globe. Set for grocery store distribution in late 2012, REBBL will create jobs for vulnerable communities of the Peruvian Amazon. REBBL stands for freedom, and for Roots, Extracts, Berries, Bark and Leaves."

The reason it is important to be proactive in situations like this is because rescuing victims of human trafficking is only half of the solution! Efforts such as R*E*B*B*L are used to create jobs in vulnerable communities to prevent exploitation of otherwise, unskilled workers!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Your VOTE Changes Lives!

Please vote to help BASI win $1,000 to help End Human Trafficking! Then share on 5-10 Friends' Facebook walls!

 Prize towards Charity of the Moment:[Free-Them]   
In only 13 hours we have moved from spot #47 to spot #8.  In order to win, we need to be spot #1! 12 days left. Please, let us work together to become beacons for change! One vote at a time!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

$1,500 up for GRABS!


Our BASI network is entering:
Competition Between bloggers.
 SOLELY based on votes! 
WEDNESDAY, July 18th - Wednesday August 1st

So tomorrow, we will post the link to our entry! We need YOU to share this with friends on Facebook, post on walls, post in Facebook groups, share on twitter, pin our entry on Pinterest, send out emails to your college faculty! Text friends!

$1,000 prize to give to chosen charity
We chose [free-them], our charity of the moment!
$500 cash prize.  With this extra money, I will split it between my favorite charities, and get some great giveaway items too to help generate interest and traffick on our newborn network!

Be Sure to Stay connected!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Modern-day Slavery: Not So Far Away

 I conducted a hand full of interviews and used resources from as well as and interview with Nia Bates from .  My goal was to see how people of all ages felt abou this issue, form middle school children to a mother with children.  I wanted everyone to relate and get heads turning and hearts pounding. As I presented this video in class I asked, "Why is this such a hard topic to address?"  After a pause, I promted the 38 college kids, "You are telling me that NONE of YOU have an opinion on this issue?"  Finally, an attractive, athletic, tall young man raised his hand (he's looks like he is one that has the "cool" heir about him).  He said, "You wouldn't just start talking about something like this... it's so random... it's controversial." 

How is SEX TRAFFICKING controversial 
What majority of people SUPPORT sex trafficking?  "Do you really think it's controversial- allowing people to trade and get money for raping women?" 
If YOU do not take a stand, WHO will?