Thursday, July 26, 2012

13.3 Million

13.3 MILLION men, women & children are trafficked for commercial SEX and LABOR today.
A number to think about. Do you know 1 thousand people? How about two thousand? Do you know 1million people? How about 13.3 million?

This is more than a number- these are lives. If you were trafficked, you would be traded, like an object, purchased for Used for what...labor? SEX? This is happening every day, this is happening right now.

Who stops this?  It is up to different organizations to go in and rescue these precious lives!  VOTE below to help us win $1,000 for a rescue mission through [free-them].  It is your duty to help gain votes! Please share on your blog and Facebook!
Only TOP VOTED wins the $1,000, we are currently #3.  
How much do you value your life and dignity?

 Help free human beings from slavery, molestation, exploitation & RAPE.

VOTE to help us win $1,000 for [free-them] to fund a mission to help RESCUE these victims:

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