Monday, July 23, 2012

Beyond Human Trafficking!

Not for Sale is a anti-human trafficking organization which has the motto: "re-abolish slavery."   I like this organization because they present the facts in a eye-catching, emotional and motivational manner, with high end marketing and graphics.

"Join the first cause to launch a company ...
Not For Sale is launching REBBL, a bottled tea tonic sourced in high-trafficked and vulnerable communities around the globe. Set for grocery store distribution in late 2012, REBBL will create jobs for vulnerable communities of the Peruvian Amazon. REBBL stands for freedom, and for Roots, Extracts, Berries, Bark and Leaves."

The reason it is important to be proactive in situations like this is because rescuing victims of human trafficking is only half of the solution! Efforts such as R*E*B*B*L are used to create jobs in vulnerable communities to prevent exploitation of otherwise, unskilled workers!

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