Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reality: Human Trafficking in Boston

Boston, Massachusetts.  What do you think when you think of this city in the United States? 

Just this Thursday, August 16th 2012, there was a crackdown & bust on a human trafficking ring! In 2011, according to the Polaris Project, the state of Massachusetts was categorized as one of the 11 states (out of 50 in the United States) providing the least effort to abolish human trafficking through laws and activism.  Months later, on February 19, 2011, the state of Massachusetts enacted the  Massachusetts Human Trafficking Law.  With this came the formation of the Interagency Human Trafficking Task Force.  Without the efforts of the Polaris Project, in bringing light to the lack of proactive legislation, and the implementation of the human trafficking task force, the following wouldn't have been able to happen:

Edited Press Release from the Boston, Massachusetts Police:
"On Thursday, August 16, officers from the Family Justice Unit, Human Trafficking Division, the Youth Violence Strike Force and District A-1 Detectives – while conducting an undercover online investigation into illegal online prostitution – arrested the following five individuals at the Park Plaza Hotel:
John Caputo, 64, of Boston charged with Sex for a Fee
Reynold Levau, 44, of Foxboro charged with Sex for a Fee
Daniel Malik, 23, of Needham charged with Enticement of a Minor and Sex for a Fee
Poojan Mehta, 23, of Boston charged with Enticement of a Minor and Sex for a Fee
Peter Salvucci, 55, of Waltham charged with Sex for a Fee"


Be proactive! 
Sign Petition HERE  to prevent high school stripper recruitment!!!


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When I think of Boston, I think about the oldest city in the USA (is it?) and about this story connected with the Day of Independence..

Jacquii Lie said...

Great social awareness post....who knew that some US states were being so slack on this issue! I thought it was all put forth by the US government.

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When i think of Boston, i think of their amazing sport teams,l I never knew about this horrific act. :(

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Uhhh, Human trafficking is disgusting! Yuck!


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I think of all the great colleges!!!
Never would think of illegal prostitution

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