Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sex Trafficking: Bangkok

"Many of them too scared of the ring to admit they have been trafficked..."

"Every minute a woman or child is trafficked into sex slavery.  Many of them here, [Bangkok, Thailand]... about half are in Asia."

Sex trafficking occurs in countries all across the globe, from suburbs to cities.  Just because you do not see it does not mean trafficking of persons is not present.  People who are being trafficked do not wear signs reading "trafficked."  This documentary by National Geographic sheds light on the trafficking of Central Asian women to Thailand for sex work.  Initially, these women will not admit to being trafficked in fear of the sex ring which is in control of them.  "A ring that will kill to survive..."

Click Here for National Geographic's corresponding blog article on their covert operation to crack a sex trafficking ring.  

DONATE HERE to support rescue missions through [free-them], our spotlight charity.  This organization helps rescues victims of human trafficking in Canada and places them in safe houses there after.

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