Monday, October 15, 2012

Freedom Walk: 1 Month Later

It has been one month since Christine, editor-in-chief and committee member of Bloggers Against Social Injustice, attended the [free-them] Freedom Walk in Toronto, Canada with a group of friends from her college (Coverage post HERE).  All the good [free-them] is doing to help liberate slaves is definitely something to admire and emulate!

This is actually Christine writing this post...
Check out news coverage from the Freedom Walk (below).  See if you can spot us in the clips!
You can see me (Christine) around 40 seconds.
Around 14seconds, you can see a Bloggers Against Social Injustice team member- she is in a fedora.

This blogging network is
 about more than simply educating fashion bloggers and online audience on the reality of human trafficking.  Together we unite from all parts of the globe to come up with ideas to educate on human trafficking as well as FIGHT human trafficking.
Reality: sitting behind a computer alone will not bring an end to this horrible injustice!

I would like to encourage you to:
  1. Contact an editor of Bloggers Against Social Injustice (see HERE)
  2. Gather a group of your friends (make it fun & purposeful!)
  3. Find an organization by you that fights human trafficking (raising awareness or funds)
  4. Join them & GET INVOLVED locally
  5. Represent Bloggers Against Social Injustice... REPRESENT HUMANITY!  
  6. Share your experience on our blog through a guest post!
If we could do it, so can you! :)
Trafficking of persons, like you and me, happens everyday behind closed doors.  It happens in poverty stricken areas and it happens in wealthy areas.  It happens in Asia, and it happens in the Americas.  It is time for us bloggers to not hide behind our computers, but show our faces and take a stand with others so we can help bring JUSTICE to the world!

Bloggers Against Social Injustice would love to see how our bloggers get involved locally to help end human trafficking!  We can assist you with DIY t-shirt ideas, and advice on how to set up an event or get a group together to attend an event!  Don't be afraid to find an organization, and please feel free to contact us to join us and for support!

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Thank you for telling me about the amazing work you do. Sounds totally inspiring, and I will gladly let you know if I run across anything that would help to spread the word. I also followed your blog, I really want to support your work. ♥

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