Monday, October 1, 2012

Make-a-Stand: Day 100!!!

What were YOU doing at Age 8??? 
Raising $150,000 to free human slaves? 'Cuz she is... 

CONGRATULATIONS Vivienne on 100 DAYS for Freedom!
Do you may recall my past blog post about 8 year old philanthropist Vivienne from Fairfax, California, USA?  SEE HERE. I am excited to share the news that her Make-a-Stand lemonade stand has been up and running for 100 days!  

Mission: "To sit at my lemonade stand until I raise $150,000 for Not For Sale to help free people around the world."   

This is rain or shine, people!  Her goal is to raise enough money to free 500 slaves!  Vivienne is capturing global audience and not only raising money but educating people on the realities of modern day slavery.  She has had media coverage in the United States, Brazil, Australia, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Japan.  #MakeaStand has over 30,000 followers via Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!  Will you add to that (see below)?  

This all started with a photo she saw of two child slaves carrying heavy rocks on their backs.  Injustice photography ignited the fire that started this movement.  Vivienne's experience with lemon aid stands brought about this This shows  how you can take your loves and experiences and find a way to change the world for the better!  Do not be intimidated with the thought of failure.  Selfless actions for the greater good of our fellow brothers and sisters should yield no shame... so get out there and use your talents for good!

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Exciting, upcoming Make-a-Stand destinations:

12.12.12  |  TIME SQUARE , USA
Make-a-Stand will stand for freedom in time square and each person to "make a stand" will have their instagram photo taken [#makeastand] and it will appear on the famous electronic billboard!

Unknown Date | Washiongton D.C., USA
Make-a-Stand will be located at the  Lincoln Memorial & the White House.


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Nana Granada said...

Such an inspiration... Lets Support this little girl =)