Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to Find Local Anti-Human Trafficking Organizations

It is so very important to do more than only spread the word about the problem of human trafficking.  Being aware of the signs so you can report potential human trafficking situations is also very important. Getting involved with local anti-human trafficking organizations is another step you can take to impact the people around you, and more directly fight the problem of human trafficking from both the prevention and rescue sides!

After trying to search online for local anti-human trafficking organizations, I realized that is is quite difficult to know exactly what "key words" to type into search engines to locate anti-human trafficking organizations!

  Today's post will help you find anti- human trafficking organizations in your area!

Step 1: Online Search Engine

Start with a search engine such as Google or Bing.  You want to find a local organization which you can get involved with which works to end human trafficking.  In the search box type in words such as:
  • list of organizations
  • human trafficking
  • anti-human trafficking
  • NGO
  • globally
  • slavery
  • [name of your country/city]
  • initiative
  • coalition
  • task force
Click these two links to view search engine phrase examples:  "List of Organizations Human Trafficking""NGO human trafficking globally"

The three links below lead to sites with compiled lists of human trafficking organizations.  See if one is by you!
Global Organizations | Wikipedia List
United States Organizations by State | Polaris Project List , U.S. State Government

Step 2: Contact
Muster up courage, and call a local organization or send the organization an email.  Know what you are going to tell them before you call. People in anti-human trafficking organizations need people like you to get involved, because there is strength in numbers, and if we do not speak up to be a voice for the voiceless, who will?

"Hello, my name is Mary, I am a college student, and would like to know how I can get involved in local anti-human trafficking advocacy with your organization.  Do you have any suggestions, or can you direct me to someone who could help me?"

Step 3: Get Involved
Once you find an organization, which may be right in your town or a few hours away, it's time to put your intentions to action!  Find a few friends and encourage them to join you in attending an event through this organization.  If you go as a group it will help create a larger ripple effect, thus spreading awareness even faster.  This can also be a great way to connect with your friends and bring meaning to what you and your friends do!

Human Trafficking Awareness Training 
[U.S. Department of Homeland Security]

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