Friday, December 28, 2012

From Study Abroad to Slavery

"I was watching many TV shows about human trafficking, and could never believe that could happen to me." 

As the Christmas season slows down, and thoughts of celebrating the New Year arise, we may find ourselves consumed in thoughts of gifts, family, friends and fun times.  However, it is not like this for all people.  This video shares the story of "Katia," who planned on venturing to America from Russia with a study abroad program.  This wonderful idea of studying in America came to a quick turn when she arrived to the Virginia airport and was told that "plans had changed," and was forced into the sex trade. 
"They used systematic terror to train the girls not to escape. " 
- Attorney, Bridgette Carr

Imagine the thought of an exciting experience of culture and education in a new country, turned into terror of forced sex slavery and terror?
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Below are some questions I pulled from the video, which are questions we all ask ourselves of this trade.

  1. What if you said no(to your pimp raping you)? The pimp would still force her to do it anyways.
  2. Your mom was back in Russia? There were threats on her life as well
  3. You weren't locked inside the home, why didn't you just leave?  We were really scared, they were physically abusing us and told us stories of what they did to other girls,they bombed their cars.

Thank goodness Katia was able to run away and escape.  This is only one of many stories.  How many more people are tricked into coming abroad?  What is our government doing to help prevent this? What can we do to help prevent this?

I want to hear your opinion!
Source: NBC News

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Katies said...

greate blog dear:)

Tiana said...

it's the worst thing that could ever happen to a person looking forward for a new experience in a new land. In fact, sex slavery is the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone. Those syndicate must be nabbed and punished severely. The public should be more alert on this issue as well.

Ivana Džidić said...

I think that we should make more people aware of this!