Sunday, December 30, 2012

Prostitution: Legal or Illegal?

Source: National Geographics

This short documentary looks into the American Escort Services... selling sex.  These services work by offering "the real girlfriend experience" and according to the solicitors, whatever happens beyond that point is extra. However, it is implied that sex is included.  This is how services like these curb their way around the "prostitution" label.  From this video you can see that some women who sell themselves find the idea of "the real girlfriend experience" favorable.  You can also see that there is a negative mental challenge that comes along with a woman selling herself for sex. This documentary also shows the horrors of how sex slavery is tied into these escort services.  I wanted to keep the writing for this post to a minimum and really encourage you to watch this short documentary!  Trust me, it will be time not wasted.

After you watch, please comment and let us know...

Do you think prostitution should be legalized? Why?
Is it legal in your country?

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