Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Network 4 Fashion Bloggers!

Welcome to the
Bloggers Against Social Injustice Network

We are a group of bloggers dedicated to making a difference in our world. How so?

 Human Trafficking, global hunger, lack of education, blood diamonds, bullying, lack of water ...
our team  takes one fashionable step to help educate and support organizations which end these problems! 
As bloggers, we are HUGE consumers in the fashion world... without us many companies would be way less successful! Let's transfer some of that spending to get some arm candy that saves our siblings worldwide.
We may be young, we may be across the globe, but we will not let that stand in our way!

The giveaways are meant to get the blogger to read about the issue... and the shop is to fund raise.

The suffering never ends...RIGHT NOW how many men, women & children are hopeless and can only cry because their hope on even a life half like ours is unfathomable?