Monday, August 27, 2012

Inspiration for Change: Make-a-Stand

What were YOU doing at Age 8??? 
Raising $150,000 to free human slaves? 'Cuz she is...

"I will sit at my lemonade stand every day, rain or shine, until I raise $150,000 for Not for Sale, an organization that is 're-abolishing' slavery.  When you buy #MAKEASTAND! Lemonade, you aren't just buying a drink, you are MAKING A STAND! [All] of our profits go to Not for Sale."   - Vivienne 

Did you watch that video? This little girl definitely has a spirit to serve others.  She dreams big and goes for it.  At age 8, Vivienne from Fairfax, California, USA is set on raising $150,000 to help FIGHT human trafficking!  Talk about taking action- she has raised $28,285 so far, and still counting! All proceeds go towards Not for Sale, an anti-human trafficking organization which helps rescue slaves of human trafficking (Check our previous post on Not for Sale HERE).

 Vivenee at her "MAKE-a-STAND" lemonade stand

She began the fundraiser June 24 after seeing a picture by Lisa Kristine, a photojournalist who documents enslaved people across the globe. The image showed two children in Nepal carrying stones.
"That was the tipping point for our family," said her father, Eric Harr. "You could feel the earth crack underneath us. Vivienne looked us square in the eyes and said, ‘We're doing something about this.'"
-Source: Hawaii News Now
Human Slavery.  Trafficking is estimated to be $32 billion industry, affecting 161 countries worldwide.  An estimated 12.3 million men, women and children are trafficked for commercial sex or forced labor around the world today.  Victims are trafficked both within and across international borders.  Migrants as well as internally displaced persons are particularly vulnerable, as evidenced by the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.
-Source: Polaris Project

So, how will you MAKE-a-STAND? If this 8 year old can... so can you!
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reality: Human Trafficking in Boston

Boston, Massachusetts.  What do you think when you think of this city in the United States? 

Just this Thursday, August 16th 2012, there was a crackdown & bust on a human trafficking ring! In 2011, according to the Polaris Project, the state of Massachusetts was categorized as one of the 11 states (out of 50 in the United States) providing the least effort to abolish human trafficking through laws and activism.  Months later, on February 19, 2011, the state of Massachusetts enacted the  Massachusetts Human Trafficking Law.  With this came the formation of the Interagency Human Trafficking Task Force.  Without the efforts of the Polaris Project, in bringing light to the lack of proactive legislation, and the implementation of the human trafficking task force, the following wouldn't have been able to happen:

Edited Press Release from the Boston, Massachusetts Police:
"On Thursday, August 16, officers from the Family Justice Unit, Human Trafficking Division, the Youth Violence Strike Force and District A-1 Detectives – while conducting an undercover online investigation into illegal online prostitution – arrested the following five individuals at the Park Plaza Hotel:
John Caputo, 64, of Boston charged with Sex for a Fee
Reynold Levau, 44, of Foxboro charged with Sex for a Fee
Daniel Malik, 23, of Needham charged with Enticement of a Minor and Sex for a Fee
Poojan Mehta, 23, of Boston charged with Enticement of a Minor and Sex for a Fee
Peter Salvucci, 55, of Waltham charged with Sex for a Fee"


Be proactive! 
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sneak Peek: BASI for Good

Here is a sneak peek of some of the accessories we will be selling through BASI's online shop to help raise funds for our Spotlight Charity,currently [FREE-THEM]! This way we can not only help educate our online community on different injustices, but we can help fund efforts which bring them to an end! 

Badge It.  Please don't forget to grab a BASI badge to place on your website!  You can find the badges under "Grab A Badge."  Remember, this network can only move, grow, and make a difference if there are bloggers behind the social media, and posts. Don't hesitate to join us today!

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Freedom Walk: Raising Funds

On September 15th, 2012, our spotlight charity [FREE-THEM] will host their 3rd Annual Freedom Walk!   
Enter the Facebook event page HERE!

Remember, without funds, there would be no rescue missions to free victims of human trafficking, so fund raising events like these are very important.  If you do not live in the Toronto, Canada area, there are still other ways you can get involved & help raise funds and spread awareness on human trafficking issues. You can hold a campus fundraiser or even host events such as this one.  You can even get creative and hold a party where the admission could be donated to an organization which helps end human trafficking! Without help on our part- the force against human trafficking will be that much smaller. Every person on our side of this problem can create change to help end the problems on the other side.

...each and every life is important!

Check out the video from last year's walk!

"We have this amazing crazy dream that in 25 years if slavery isn't abolished and slaves set free, then we aren't working hard enough! Freedom is a fundamental human right, and yet "freedom" is seen by millions of people around our world as a luxury, as something that is sought after. "  - [FREE-THEM]

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sex Trafficking: Bangkok

"Many of them too scared of the ring to admit they have been trafficked..."

"Every minute a woman or child is trafficked into sex slavery.  Many of them here, [Bangkok, Thailand]... about half are in Asia."

Sex trafficking occurs in countries all across the globe, from suburbs to cities.  Just because you do not see it does not mean trafficking of persons is not present.  People who are being trafficked do not wear signs reading "trafficked."  This documentary by National Geographic sheds light on the trafficking of Central Asian women to Thailand for sex work.  Initially, these women will not admit to being trafficked in fear of the sex ring which is in control of them.  "A ring that will kill to survive..."

Click Here for National Geographic's corresponding blog article on their covert operation to crack a sex trafficking ring.  

DONATE HERE to support rescue missions through [free-them], our spotlight charity.  This organization helps rescues victims of human trafficking in Canada and places them in safe houses there after.