Sunday, January 13, 2013

NEW Proud Member of P.A.T.H. Coalition

Written by: Christine, Committee Member

This past Thursday, I attended a meeting for the People Against Trafficking of Humans Coalition of Western New York. It is called P.A.T.H. for short.  P.A.T.H. is a faith-based group of the organizations in the area that all fight against human trafficking.  Their vision is to engage churches and community groups to become a part of awareness efforts, work as a unified front in seeking proactive ways to prevent captivity, free those suffering at the hands of slavery and offer healing and restoration. 

 When I first walked into the meeting I was very surprised to see how many freedom fighters (as many call us) there are right in my area.  There were over 30 people in attendance!  30 people each with a drive to bring freedom to people my age and younger and older who are, at this very moment, feeling numb because they are trapped in slavery.  The ages of these freedom fighters ranged from fresh out of high school to grandparents.  This really reminded me that this problem touches the hearts of people at all ages, all genders, and all races. The more people who join in the fight for freedom, the higher chance we will have to bring freedom to those enslaved!

I have joined P.A.T.H. as not only a representative of Bloggers Against Social Injustice, but a student, young woman, blogger, and most important to me, a follower of Christ who believes that no one should live in slavery.  Now that we are a member of P.A.T.H., we will have even more opportunity to partner with other freedom fighters in New York State!  We will also have people to learn from and look toward for support with our local outreach events, such as the Freedom Walk committee member, Dave and I are planning for April 6th! *excited*  The first committee meeting for the Freedom Walk is actually being held tomorrow on our campus!

Check out their new website, just launched this week! They are collecting donations to start a scholarship fund to help former victims of human trafficking pay for education, so that they do not feel like going back to slavery is their best option. This scholarship is such a wonderful idea. You can make a donation right on their website. So check it out, even if you just want to browse, let's help get their URL on the Google page when its searched for! ;)

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