Wednesday, January 16, 2013

News UK: 84% rise in child trafficking

I was travelling on the tube a couple of days ago, when a headline caught my eye. "84% rise in child trafficking in UK", it read. I skimmed through some alarming statistics - of 546 sexually exploited children, the number of those known to be victims of trafficking rose from 76 to 140 in one year.

"Domestic trafficking of children for sex is a sophisticated type of exploitation, a sinister form of organised violation through networks of criminals. Nobody currently knows the full extent of these crimes because of their hidden nature, but what we do know is that every time we open a new service for victims it quickly becomes fully subscribed. If we are to save children from suffering for years at the hands of their abusers, more must be done by the authorities to identify victims of child sexual exploitation who are being internally trafficked and to stop this activity earlier on." (Anne Marie Carrie, Barnardo's)

This has led to some anti-EU complaints within the UK, but the truth of the matter is, to an extent we are all to blame. Without your help, the problem of human trafficking will not end - in fact, it will keep on getting worse, as exhibited by these terrifying figures. Please take our advice on how to be a human trafficking activist and how to find local anti human trafficking organisations - your help could change someone's life!

Source: Express, Jill Greenberg


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anot arnold said...

This is a very sad news for children who are being held to forced work for the sake of others, Well in fact government are spending too much money to fight for human trafficking and yet nothing happens. I am against human trafficking or any forced work we should help this people by a simple campaigning to stop this king of work. children's non-profit