Sunday, February 3, 2013

Activism Inspiration from University of Wyoming

A story about human trafficking recently caught my eye - and believe it or not, it is a positive one! A group of students at the University of Wyoming is trying to raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking in the US. They are pushing for legislation to be passed in their home state, which would strip trafficking victims of any criminal charges in relation to selling drugs or prostitution, which they may have acquired whilst being trafficked. And the government is listening - state representative Cathy Connolly has introduced a piece of legislation addressing the students' demands. Watch the story to find out more!

This fantastic piece of news just shows you how much you can do to change our world - if a group of students at Wyoming can make the news with their efforts, you could make history! Why not start today?


Amy Z said...

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Ivana Džidić said...

great idea!

Yulia Sidorenko said...

such an interesting blog!

Angelqueen said...

Great way to raise awareness!

Let us have stopped this terrible and devastating crime against innocent women. I am very shocked that someone can treat people so inhumanely.

My heart bleeds for the women. This is precisely why I think it should be a criminal offense to buy sex. For no one can be sure that women do it voluntarily.


Shreya J said...

It's really great to see some laws being made to help trafficking victims.Lets hope they get the votes they need!

Haseeb Ahmed said...

By the Passing day, All illegal activities are becoming legal in a very Professional way , So , a Normal Person cannot differentiate .