Monday, March 4, 2013

How Many Slaves Work For You?

What is it like to live a life where every day is an agonizing yet numbing flow of events? I wouldn't know.

"I can only imagine this is 
what it is like for a slave."

When we think of slavery, modern-day slavery, we need to remember that it is not only sex slavery, but forced labor slavery too.  In previous posts we spoke about how the things you purchase contribute to slavery [here], how retail activism can change that [here], and shared a store that is changing this by selling fair trade clothing with donations to help rehabilitation of former victims of slavery [here].

Today I wanted to share with you a website where you can make a difference and help end labor trafficking and help bring about fair trade goods!  This site is truly spectacular! It is called Slavery Footprint.  Not only can you take a quiz to see how many slaves you support through all of the goods you own, consume and purchase, but from there they help you make a difference.

"I found out that I have 
43 slaves working for me!" 

This is based on the products that I consume.  From there, I was given the opportunity to make a difference.  You can send letters to unethical retailers in seconds.  For example, I found out that my favorite boutique, Free People, has rather pathetic standards when it comes to labor laws and ethics.  In seconds I was provided with the the link to send them a letter letting them know that I am a fan of their clothes, and I am aware that they do not have standards on their labor and products which ensure their clothing is made in a free world.  The letter also told Free People that I want this to change!  This was very easy to do because Slavery Footprint has letters pre-drafted, and you have the option to customize them.

 There is a link at the bottom of this post to Slavery Footprint for YOU to get started on being aware of the problem and taking steps to make a change! Believe me, 

"this will open your eyes 
and open the eyes of retailers
and manufacturers but more importantly,
it will help make a change." 

Also, the website is very interactive so you will not be bored when you take this survey.  Also, it is customizable, so you will be able to have a close estimate of your impact.  Mine was 43.  Below are some images I pulled from Google images which give you insight on what the quiz is like.  Best wishes, and be sure to let me know how many slaves work for you in our comment box!


Find out how many slaves work for you and make a difference at

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Bela Lugosi said...

Oh my God, 50 slaves work for me! How is that possible? I do not own so many stuff. :(

Tina Dykstra said...

Wow!!! I loved this article!!!

Glamourina said...

wow... !! Very interesting article !
Thanks for adding it here :-))