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Interview with Nadia of Listen Girlfriends

Exactly one month ago I posted How Sustainable Fashion Saves Lives.  In this post, I introduced the blog Listen Girlfriends, "A Critical Conversation on Media and Culture."  The editor, Nadia, is in the midst of a Critical Fashion Series on her blog where she discusses various topics including the ethical fashion industry,  empowering girls overseas with fair trade type models and her newest post, "The Chocolate Industry Exposed: Child Labor, Trafficking and Fair Trade Mislabel" with a fair trade chocolate giveaway through her Facebook page.  

What sets Nadia apart from most other bloggers who blog about change is:

  1. Every statement has research connected to links to back them up
  2. The voice of posts are girly conversational yet intellectually stimulating
  3. Posts create a full circle by connecting problem to the causes, cultural implications, tangential problems, people working to bring change, and a call to action.  

Not only is the information Nadia shares digestible for the reader, but there are so many hyperlinks to find out more about any topic she covers.  This is wonderful because it adds so much legitimacy and allows the reader room to read more!  I was in such admiration of how she blogs that I knew I had to get an interview with her for you all!  Enjoy, and let me know what you think!


An Interview with the Nadia from "Listen Girlfriends."
Thursday, March 14, 2013

The first thing I realized when we started the interview over video chat was how girly and full of energy Nadia is. She was wearing all pink with a big smile on her face, very excited to talk about why it is important to help make a difference in the world and how every day people can help bring a positive change.  I thought to myself, "this girl is influencing so many lives, and I don't think she even realizes it."  

Interviewing: Nadia | Listen Girlfriends
Interviewed By: Christine Tjahjadi-Lopez | Bloggers Against Social Injustice and Beyoutiful Hope

1. Why "Listen Girlfriends"?
  1. With "listen" I wanted to encourage conversation and wanted to create an atmosphere to engage in a critical manner.  I wanted an open conversation.
  2. I wanted a critical media culture site that was accessible, laid back, and wouldn't preach to the converted.
  3. With "Girlfriend"... I am so girly and I wanted a way to center a feminine space while not excluding men.
2. Why blog? 
I want to create engaged readers. I’m very much a believer to take education and apply it in your everyday lives.  I wanted to create an educational advocacy blog. Also, blogging is also a good way to keep me motivated on my dissertation.  

3. Do you think blogging can bring about change?
Blogging is easily accessible and a lot of passionate people who can voice issues and have concerns to voice issues don't need a professional forum for information.  But, an issue is that there may be information overload and blogging is hard work because of the commitment and unpaid work.  It is easy to run the risk of burning out.  But it is a great way opportunity to connect with people that share the same passion!

4. How can change occur from a blog?
I want to provide amazing information that is all over the internet on one cohesive space so that people how are looking to make a change have a space where they can get information.  I don't want people to feel overwhelmed.  I want to help educate, first of all with facts, and then I definitely want to inspire and motivate.  At the end of each post I provide resources for people to take action for those who want to take activism.  

5. Do you have an outreach larger than just bloggers? Who else reads "Listen Girlfriends"?
I connect with followers over twitter and other social media. I also reach out to activists by sending emails. It's a lot of work, and it [outreach] has to be more than just posting. It's easy for posts to get lost [if you depend only on search engines] because there is a lot of stuff out there!

6. How long does it take you to write a post?
4 hours to 50 hours, depending on how heavy the material is. I want to make sure the information I provide is researched and correct.

7. How long do you plan on blogging?
For a while, especially since I am doing my research [for my dissertation].  A lot of posts are complimentary to my dissertation.  I write better when I am writing to people.  I think its the activist in e.  I'll keep going and see where it takes me.  It is also dependent on my reader feedback.

8. If someone leaves your blog, what is the one thought you want them to leave with?
To the fashion blogger: Recognize that fashion is a great mode of expression but sometimes our ability to express ourselves comes at the expense of others.  The human environmental impact is what I focus on.

To the everyday person:  A lot of people who don't consider themselves fashionistas may think the [fashion industry problems of trafficking and workers rights] don't affect them.  No! If you put a piece of clothing on your body this does affect you.   recognize that the choices you make every day affect you.

"Your neighbor is someone who is thousands of miles away.  Recognize how your clothes connects you to people everywhere.  Think about how textiles and chemicals and the hands that have touched these things.  Just because you can't see somebody doesn't men they aren't there!" 
-Nadia, Listen Girlfriends

Find Nadia and "Listen Girlfriends"

Beyond these interview questions, our conversation lasted 3 hours!  We laughed about life and college and discussed fair trade, corporate social responsibility, and the fashion industry. I am so glad she is part of our blogging community!  I am glad to have had the opportunity to connect with a blogger that we can all learn from.  It is bloggers like Nadia that are helping make a difference.

Thank you Nadia for sharing your story and work with Bloggers Against Social Injustice!

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