Sunday, April 28, 2013

Different Ways High School Students are Combating Human Trafficking

I have recently been thinking about ways that young people can make a difference and help fight human trafficking.  I just recently hosted Freedom Walk Buffalo, a walk and seminar on my college campus to help raise awareness and funds on human trafficking, which around 30 high school students attended. When I was talking with one of the high school students, I realized that

 "young people want to make a difference,
but are intimidated to create a large event
because they do not have experience
with creating an event in the first place!"  

So, I decided to create this post to show young people how they can engage in what I call "simple activism."  When I say this, I am referring to the creation of smaller scale events that help combat human trafficking, but are more tangible and less overwhelming for young students in high school and even middle school to organize, because they are on a smaller scale.  "Simple activism" can also serve as a stepping stone so that these young'ins can see how they are making a difference and not be intimidated to create events larger events!  Below are 4 creative events that high school students from across America have created to help combat modern-day slavery.

Be inspired!

Take a Stand... Literally
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March 7, 2013 | High school student, Kelsey DeBerry was inspired to take action against human trafficking at the Passion 2013 Christian Conference she attended this past year.  With her lead, and the help of the International Justice Mission, a group of about 100 students from her high school stood 27 hours to represent, raise awareness, and pray for the 27 million people trapped in human trafficking around the globe.  This project was part of the International Justice Mission's "Stand for Freedom" project.  "Stand for Freedom" took place from March 5-15 this past year and brought students from high schools and colleges around the country together to stand for freedom for 27 hours.  Listen to a short radio interview with Kelsey DeBerry here.

Dodgeball Tournament | Students vs Teachers
February 22, 2013 | Evergreen Senior High School's "Peace Jam club" held a dodgeball tournament between students and faculty to raise funds and awareness to help combat human trafficking.  Dr. Jeff Brodsky, founder of JOY International, was invited and spoke to the students about rescuing children trapped in slavery.

Rally & Collect Donations for a Local Rescue Mission
October 15, 2012 | Students from Lutheran South Academy in Houston, Texas, USA collected over 6,500 donations to be sent to Freedom Place.  Freedom place is a local Christian organization which rescues domestic victims of human trafficking and assists with their rehabilitation.

Bake-Sales & Educate your Classmates
January 2012 | A group of students from Mt. Spokane high school in Mead, Washington, USA started a club to raise awareness, funds, and educate on conscious consumption to help combat human trafficking.  Check out pictures from their bake sale/t-shirt sale where they raised awareness and funds, here.  They also created brochures to hand out and had slips of paper they handed out during the bake sale! I particularly like the photo with the text "Is your chocolate made by slaves"?