Thursday, June 13, 2013

TVPJA: The Issue and what YOU Can Do

Written By:  Our newest BASI family member, Theresa Yerba from TaYera

7 days until the vote!

The Trafficking Victims Protection & Justice Act (A.2240/S.2135A) will be voted on in the New York State Assembly around June 20th, 2013. It is legislation that aims to decrease demand and increase protection of victims of human trafficking by:
  1. Increasing penalties on traffickers from a Class D felony to a Class B felony
  2. Acknowledging that prostituted children are victims, NOT willing participants
  3. Changing the words in Penal Law from calling children prostitutes to prostituted – thereby alleviating some associated stigma
  4. Many other changes concerned with eliminating sex trafficking and prevention of re-victimization by the justice system
To learn more about the Act, I recommend visiting the hub of TVPJA information. Human trafficking is a serious issue that warrants discussion and perpetual improvement upon current legislation. Holding lawbreakers accountable for their crimes and protecting the abused is an integral part of the justice system. Please take time to read more about TVPJA and how to raise awareness.
Help the cause! Raising awareness is key to passing legislation, but more importantly is notifying your representatives in government about your position. Besides your own assembly(wo)man, please contact Speaker Silver – his support is necessary for the bill to pass.
Possible actions:
  1. Call
    • You can call Speaker Silver’s office:  518-455-3791 (or any assembly(wo)men, use their number)
    • Hi, my name is ________ I’m from (City/town).  I’m calling because I am asking Speaker Silver to do everything he possible can to do support the passage of the TVPJA (A.2240). This critical legislation strengthens NYS’s response to human trafficking, especially with minority victims.  As a resident of NYS and a voter, I am urging Speaker Silver to support this bill, and to help it come to a vote.  I am also very concerned about a new bill that Codes Committee Chairman Joseph Lentol recently introduced (A.7474).  This bill is completely unacceptable, it does not prosecute the pimps and protect the exploited children like the (A.2240) bill does.  I am asking Speaker Silver to use his leadership to help end human trafficking in NYS. Thank you for your time!
    • State the message clearly!
  2. Print, Sign, and Mail
    • Sign your: Signature, Name, City/town, State, Zipcode
  3. Email
  4. Encourage your friends
Any help is appreciated. If you cannot take any of these actions, certainly educate yourself about the issues!

7 days until the vote!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and make that 3 minute phone call to Speaker Silver's office! 

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