Sunday, September 1, 2013

Still Learning

Hello everyone!!! It is your co-editor Safra here!
So I'm only about a month old to BASI Team and am very thankful to each member for accepting me, but I didn't really expect myself to become so emotionally involved with wanting to provide public awareness about human trafficking. And over the course of the past couple of weeks the information centers in my brain have been through this constant positive feedback loop. The more I learn about the principles governing slave trade and the laws that surround human rights the more difficult it becomes to not speak about it. My roommate knows about that all too well. There is has not been a single moment throughout our recent days together that I have not mentioned something new I learned. Then seeing her reaction I can tell that the topic itself is very uncomfortable. Everyone gravitates to helping others in their own way, but educating another about something important is not impossible. So with that I would like to introduce all of you to something that you should watch:

Not My Life 
directed by Academy Award Nominee, Robert Bilheimer

The trailer above advertises the first documentary to depict the crude practices of slave trade on an international scale. It was filmed on five different continents and informs the audience about the different organizations that have been founded in effort to combat human trafficking. Such organizations that support the cause can be identified as:

But don't think for one second the movie serves as a depressant because without delay it strives to be encouragement for others by showing that victims or OVERCOMERS can move past the abrasion of their masters to live extraordinary lives.

To find out more about the movie visit the Not My Life website. I highly encourage you all to watch what might be a life-learning experience.

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