Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Child Trafficking Public Service Announcement

Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking(FCAHT) just released a new PSA (public service announcement) this week, on September 30th.  For those of you who don't know, a PSA is a media piece shared on television, radio, or other media with the goal of raising public awareness and/or changing the mind of a viewer.  In order for PSAs to make an impact it is vital that people share them and from there take action.  As seen in this video, a young girl is transformed with make-up to look much older, like a young woman.  In human trafficking, particularly sex trafficking, young women are "made up" to look older. Then they tell customers and strangers that they are older than they actually are, some lie to say that are 25 years old, when they are 15 in actuality.  That is nearly doubling their age!

"Later on that night, I went (out) again and... the officers stopped me... 
I just broke down in tears. I said 'I’m 15. I’m a runaway and
I’ve been telling everybody I’m 24, 25 and I’m out
here prostituting. I want help!'" 
-- 15-year-old girl victim of sex trafficking 
Bruises from abuse are covered up with make up to make the victims look more appealing, flawless, and commonplace to customers.  This gives the facade that everything is alright.  Human trafficking is also directly linked to pornography.  Although not all people in the pornography industry are victims of human trafficking, adults as well as children in the pornography industry, which is driven by demand, can be... and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.  These people are victims.  As people they have rights and freedom to not be exploited.  As seen in the PSA below, a young girl can easily be made to look older.  What follows for these young girls is neither positive nor a life a child should be living.

Demand fuels sex trafficking (prostitution, pornography).  What will you do?

Take a look at FCAHT's latest PSA below, and please share it on your facebook and twitter accounts!
Together we can help raise awareness and through this, help save lives.


cassie cadiz said...

Thanks for sharinh this.. I'll share this on my FB too.

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cool video

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Mili said...

This is so horrifyingly sad :( I can't believe this goes on still :( And people say sexism isn't a problem in the US

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