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Global Awards For Sustainable Fashion: SOURCE Awards 2013

Live from the House of Lords in London, the Ethical Fashion Forum hosted their #SourceAwards 2013. The London-based ethical fashion platform for retailers, manufacturers, and consumers, Ethical Fashion Forum once again hosted their annual SOURCE Awards, celebrating the success of sustainable and ethical fashion pioneers and industry leaders.  The forum supports thousands of ethical and sustainable fashion businesses in +130 countries.  These I'm so excited to share the winners with you, if you haven't seen them yet!  Let me know which designers are your favorites and if you have shopped from any of them before. :)


Ethical Fashion Forum
December 2013
Announcing the winners of the Global Awards For Sustainable Fashion: SOURCE Awards 2013

The Ethical Fashion Forum is pleased to announce the winners of the SOURCE Awards
2013. The SOURCE Awards put the spotlight on the most innovative and inspirational
businesses, individuals and initiatives in the fashion industry, from field to final product.

Winners were selected by an illustrious judging panel, including: Dolly Jones, editor of; Brigitte Steppitus, Head of Couture at Vivienne Westwood; Summer Rayne
Oakes, social activist, eco-model and co-founder of Source4Style; Amber Valletta,
American supermodel and sustainable fashion spokesperson.

On Tuesday 3rd December, pioneering fashion businesses, press and key industry figures
met at the House of Lords in London, for the 2013 SOURCE Awards Winner
announcements, hosted by Baroness Lola Young, OBE and Founder of the All Party
Parliamentary Group on Ethics and Sustainability.

Announcements were also updated live on twitter to the global fashion community, with the
official hastag: #sourceawards.

“In the 7 years of running the awards, this is our most inspiring line up yet.” Tamsin
Lejeune, Managing Director and Founder of the Ethical Fashion Forum & SOURCE.

View a full list of the 2013 winners below. Visit SOURCE to read the full round up of the

1. Design Leader 
Design Leader: VOZ

2. SOURCE Sustainable Brand Leader Awards
2.1 One to Watch: SENHOA

2.2 Womenswear: INDIGENOUS

2.3 Menswear: UMASAN

2.4 Childrenswear: ETERNAL CREATION

2.5 Accessories: THE SWAY

2.6 Jewellery: RAVEN + LILY

2.7 Footwear: COCLICO

2.8 Sport and Leisure: CHOCLO PROJECT

2.9 Lingerie and Swimwear: NICO UNDERWEAR

3. Retail Award
3.1 Independent Boutique / Sustainable Brand Platform: LYDALI

3.2 Large International or High St Retailer: NEW LOOK

4. SOURCE Sustainable Supplier / Manufacturer
4.1 Fabric & Component Production and Supply: LEBENSKLEIDUNG

4.2 Production Services on Behalf of Brands and Retailers: PIECE & CO.

Summary compiled from Ethical Fashion Forum press release and award presentation 2013.  Follow EFF on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on #EthicalFashion #EcoFashion and #SustainableFashion.

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1 comment:

PlanB4fashion - J Robertson said...

There's a pattern here. Not a pattern on something for sale, but a pattern of what counts as ethical fashion and who does the counting.

Animal rights are out - even when sourcing in a Hindu country; leather, silk, possibly fur, are in.

Welfare rights are out - even when sourcing in countries which so obviously need pensions and healthcare for a start, moving on to unemployment benefits and a whole range of other rights. Products from these countries are cheaper for the lack of welfare rights, so trade associations from those countries want those lacks over-looked. And they are. Even when judging competitions in the UK where unemployment is obviously so high because of unfair competition from cheaper countries, and even when the competition judges and contestants have overlapping roles, showing at London Fashion Week on UK taxpayer subsidy, working in the House of Lords on UK taxpayer subsidy, and being part of overlapping groups like Ethical Fashion Forum, the Centre for Sustainability in Fashion and the All Party Committee for Ethics and Sustainability in Fashion, some of which also work with Bangladeshi export trade assoctiations.

A bit daft I think.