Tuesday, May 27, 2014

AIDS and Prostitution

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I'm bad with introductions but here it goes! I'm Shradha Chhetri, a blogger from India and I'm now a new co-editor of BASI :)
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For my first post, I chose the basic theme for BASI- Human trafficking, how it causes STDs and the way the people affected by it have to live. Since this is my first time, I'd be happy to know if I need improvement and any comments pertaining to the post would be gratefully accepted :)

The first point to consider about STDs caused by HT- Prostitution is a main cause of AIDS I believe, because the prostitutes have to sleep with different strangers who may be infected with this virus or not. We can’t stop prostitution. Some women and men have been caught up in the web of this flesh business too long to come out of it and lead a normal life. To us, we might feel like we helped save a human life, but to them, it’s like taking a fish out of water. They find their new life alienating. But just because we can’t help all, doesn’t mean we can’t help those who’ve just been thrown into this deep pit.
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Those girls and boys whose lives have been ripped apart by their own fellow human beings; those women and men being kidnapped, shipped across borders to foreign lands only to be sold for someone else’s pleasure and satisfaction- they encounter STDs and psychological disorders, the most persistent being AIDS as aforementioned.

I feel that AIDS affects more of the mind and social well being of a person than his/her body. Why? Because when a person gets AIDS the other people who know that person like his/her friends or family will start avoiding that person. This should be prevented so that the infected person does not get depression too. We should be aware of the fact that most of us shy away when we see people infected with AIDS. Fine, you don’t eat the food which they eat but at least make the person feel your warmth and good wishes? God won’t punish us if we do that right? In fact he’ll help us to be a better person. I heard somewhere that in Arab countries, the high class or rich people who were infected with AIDS would pay a very, very high amount of money to parents of virgins, just to have sex with their untouched children, as the belief there is that if an AIDS infected man or woman has sexual intercourse with a virgin, they will be cured. But the funny thing is that the parents actually agree!! That stupid and mindless act will just spread the disease. This practice still goes on in many countries. It’s such a barbarous act. It’s completely brainless. Imagine the grief of the parents who have agreed to sell their own flesh and blood to rich strangers for the sake of money and eventually losing them after they are infected by the virus

. In my class, if someone even mentions the word ‘sex’, that person who has uttered the word will be shunned and jeered at by the whole class! I was the same way until last year when I and two other girls, one my best friend and the other a senior, were chosen to speak in the upcoming ARCEIS debate. The topic the ARCEIS heads and chosen was ‘SEX EDUCATION SHOULD BE BANNED IN SCHOOLS-For or against’. All the guys in our class teased me and my friend and made crude jokes but the senior classes were impressed that I spoke on such a topic so freely and made them actually feel like I was teaching them something probable. I was glad that the topic had been chosen because it helped me get a better view of the so called ‘bad’ thing-sex. But the cherry on top moment happened when the chief guest of the debate praised all the children who spoke on such a topic so freely and confidently. In this ‘new’ world of ours, people fail to see the inside truth and rather believe only the surface of the thought. This was back in 2010 when I was just 13.  

“Small pox was cured by giving the infected people a vaccine-small pox again and the strange thing was that the infected people were actually cured! Can’t the same be done in the case of AIDS?” I’ve heard this question too many times in my life. The theories that seem to never end; the affected who’ll never stop hoping and then the dedicated mass of doctors, scientists around the world, sincerely trying to find a cure- how soon will our world be OK? Even if our body is sick, it can be cured or at least prevented from diseases. But who will treat our sick minds? I’ve seen, heard, touched, loved and lost a dear brother due to AIDS. The grief engulfed our family, but it hit his father the hardest. His father, who had hopes of his brilliant son passing high school and making him proud, lost everything in a second. Nothing is more painful than looking at his father these days – seeing him leading a stagnant life where he just survives, not lives. The memories I have of the person who died, they come back sometimes and I wonder if something could have been done to save him. But there was nothing.

The people who are infected with AIDS need to live carefully and choose different things to do, eat, drink very carefully. What are most of the things that we can do or eat or drink, which the infected person cannot do? What are the things they need to be careful of? They live their life on the edge while we waste away our time on Earth with trivial matters of materialism. Why do AIDS infected people not mix with the stable and ‘normal’ people of their society? Will the virus infect us if we sit next to them, in the classroom, on a bus or train or any mode of transport? Will we shun them by ignoring them or perhaps even avoiding them openly? For how long will we discriminate people??

The infected have enough problems without another problem of social avoidance. Can we live in this differentiating world, where everyone tries to outdo the other by putting them under their thumbs and pressurizing them to hide in their own shells and live scarred with bad memories for the rest of their life? But the good thing is that the conscious youth of today may just not commit the mistakes their elders made and perhaps join hands to fight against the injustice done to the new ‘untouchables’-the AIDS infected people.

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