Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jewelry that Empowers Survivors of Human Trafficking

As we begin to blog more and more on ethical fashion, I thought it was only appropriate to provide you with places that help you shop ethically, but wait, it's more!  I have compiled photo collages and a list of online jewelry companies that empower and provide employment to survivors of human trafficking as a part of their restoration and rehabilitation process. Most of these jewelry lines ship within the US, but some of them also ship internationally. All of the jewelry below is made by survivors of human trafficking, if not noted otherwise with "exclusively benefiting."

When you think ethical fashion do you ever think... "Oh yea, that stuff is ugly."  Be prepared to change your mind. These finds will leave you saying, "Dang, that stuff is so cute! I know what I want for myself and for my friend's birthday present!"  As I went on this treasure hunt to find these companies I realized what a wide variety of styles exist within these companies. Jewelry styles range from earthy to trendy and artsy to chic minimalist jewelry.  Aside from the awesome styles, the best part is that as you shop through these ethical jewelry fashions, for things that you would buy at your local store, these pieces actually help bring freedom and dignity to survivors of modern day slavery. The prices range from $7.50 - $4000, based on the style and organization. If you can make a purchase that will change a life, why not do it? You were going to buy your friend a birthday gift anyways. :)

Listed Alphabetically

31 Bits exclusively benefiting Not For Sale
Made by survivors - India

The A21 Campaign
No mention of who makes the jewelry

Beads of Java
Made by survivors - Indonesia

The Brave Collection
Made by at-risk population, benefiting anti-trafficking NGOs in Cambodia

Bravelets exclusively benefiting Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force
No mention of who makes the jewelry

The Butterfly Project not exclusively benefiting Born to Fly International
Not made by survivors
Born to Fly works with organizations in 65+ countries

Daughters Rising co-benefiting Somaly Mam Foundation
Made by survivors - Cambodia

Destiny Rescue
Made by survivors - Thailand

Made by survivors - Asia (countries undisclosed)

Freedom Stones
Made by survivors - Thailand

Global Giving exclusively benefiting Senhoa
Not made by survivors

Made by survivors - India and United States

Kwagala Project 
Made by survivors - Uganda

Nightlight Designs
Made by survivors - Thailand

Relevee exclusively benefiting and produced by Made By Survivors
Made by survivors - India

Made by survivors - Cambodia
Swarovski crystals used

Starfish Project
Made by survivors - Asia (countries undisclosed)

WARchest Boutique exclusively benefiting Women At Risk International (W.A.R. International)
Made by survivors (non-exclusively) in +40 countries through partner organizations

If you know of a company that should be added to this list, please let us know!
Last Updated: 8.7.14


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