Thank you for expressing interest in joining this international campaign!  We are always seeking new amazing people to join the BASI family and help promote change.  Follow the three quick steps below to join us!

Step 1: Select a Membership Level
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Committee Member  Collaborate to create blog posts, decide which issues to address, contact different charities to support monetarily, manage and promote the network's social media pages, connect with bloggers, create new ways to have a greater outreach and bring attention to current social justice issues.  Aim to promote conscious consumption.

Advocate Member Receive network updates, repost current posts from this network on personal blogs, act as social media outlets through promotion

Support Member Receive network updates and promote network and social justice through social media outlets

Step 2: Select a Badge
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Step 3: Email

Please email me at with your membership choice so you can be added to our directory and introduced to the family!